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Hope is the answer – Mark Modra

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Jun 25, 2011

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LightFM aims to provide the basics of hope and be an encouraging voice in the dark. Next week your donation is needed to help keep hope alive on 89.9 LightFM. This week we speak to those who provide hope to people. Check out the first, second, third, fourth Normal false false false and sixth interviews in this series and below, the fifth: Mark Modra.

Mark’s daughter Hannah took her own life in her teenage years. His son Luke is severely autistic but has had a huge turnaround in his life: just a year or so ago he was kept locked in a room with people fearful to enter in case of violent attack. But now living in a rural setting in a house where they don’t even need to lock the doors – what is the difference?

Someone cared enough to be his friend. It’s all about community for Luke Modra.

We asked Mark how community made a difference for Luke…

MM: For our son Luke who’s autistic, community is very important. For many years he was forced to live in relatively isolated conditions on his own in a house where staff were pretty much afraid to go anywhere near him. And more recently he was able to go up and live in New South Wales where he is now living in a small country town surrounded by good people who support him and love him as a friend and as a mate. That has made all the difference in his life. He is now much happier and we can go up there and just relax, sit down and watch a movie in his lounge room or go for a bike ride with no fear. And it’s all down to people coming around to support one individual.

What is the impact that a service like Groundwire would have had for Hannah?

MM: Groundwire is a very, very important service. And I still lament the fact that there is not more services like Groundwire around. But when somebody like Hannah is not well and is confused about their feelings and their thoughts about themselves, they just need someone to talk to. And often talking on the phone is quite difficult. There’s nice people today, young people especially, they’re very quick to get online and send e-mails or to SMS people. Facebook is perfect, for sure. But Groundwire is good, because it’s got people there that are trained and ready to listen and to guide people back to that one hope that is the cure – and eternal. I really believe that if Hannah had access to that service, she would still be with us today.  


What does hope look like?

MM: Hope is the assurance that God is in control. I remember after Hannah died, and I don’t know where this came from, but I remember telling myself three things. And these three things kept me going when things were getting really dark and really confusing and that’s what happens when someone dies, things get all mixed up. I wondered, I suppose, has the Gospel lost its power? And I thought “No, it hasn’t” and three things came to mind. Number one: God is sovereign, He is in control, number two: I am a spiritual being living out of physical existence. And number three, and this is the hope: the suffering of this current age is nothing to be compared to the glory that is yet to be revealed.


What change has Luke had listening to LightFM and the hope it provides?

MM: To Luke the message of hope was coming through the positive attitude that was coming from his friends that he could hear on the radio; they talked openly and happily about life. And also from the songs that these people choose to play, because in those songs there is music that’s uplifting and words that are encouraging.


Keep your eye out this week for more interviews with those involved in bringing hope to people. Check out also the first, second, third, fourth Normal false false false and sixth interviews in this series.


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