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Shaynna Blazes Her Facebook Bullies

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Oct 31, 2017
In Convo with Lucy

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The Block judge, Shaynna Blaze has hit out at faceless fans trolling her on Facebook, with personal, vitriolic and often aggressive comments.

She used her Sunday night interview with Lucy Holmes on 89.9 Light FM’s “In Conversation” to challenge Facebook users to think twice before posting negative feedback.

“No person deserves the abuse I’ve received, so as a woman in the public eye, I’m making a stand and speaking out,” Blaze said.

Blaze was the recent target of aggressive trolls who deliberately singled her out on the show’s Facebook page, attacking her judging skills, her comments against contestants and even her appearance.

“It’s the downside of social media, and while people are allowed to have an opinion, bullying and smear have no place,” she declared during the radio interview.

“It becomes this vitriol en masse and I don’t want this in my life.”

“I’m pretty tough but what upsets me is the children who love watching the show with their parents, and may follow The Block’s Facebook page with their families. They are reading these negative comments and taking them in,” Blaze said.

Not only were fans too afraid to leave comments, Blaze’s own children took the comments personally.

“That’s when I’d had enough – when I took to Facebook and called the trolls out, it’s amazing how the conversation shifted. People get afraid when posts become aggressive but when I shut down the negatives, other fans finally had the space to share positive comments and create a supportive community.”

“As a female I’m targeted far more,” she admitted. “The boys (Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmers) know it’s happening and are completely supportive of me.” She says this comes on top of other recent public attacks against women in the media, such as Lisa Wilkinson and Sam Armytage.

“Females can do that to each other and it does hurt. They develop a pack mentality where they feel they have this license to join in the game of abuse and negative comments. But a personal attack is just that – a personal attack, and that’s not welcome.”

After 11 years in the media, Blaze is determined to use her position in the spotlight to promote positive social media usage and for bullies to be shamed and shut down.

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