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Whatcha Watchin? – Frequency

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Sep 2, 2017

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A special Fathers’ Day special of Watcha Watchin?

A great one for Dads to watch or one to watch with your Dad or a show to watch if you miss your Dad and you wish chatting with him was as easy just turning on a radio!

This series is based on the movie of the same name.

Raimy, a Brooklyn cop, finds her Dad, Frank’s, old ham radio in the garage one day, inexplicably lit up and hears a call sign that she recognises.

It turns out that it’s her Dad speaking to her from the past… 20 years ago in fact.

Once they figure out that this is indeed really happening through a couple of tests, they start to nut out some of the details.

This clip is a bit of a heart breaker… have a listen…


As they attempt to change the past, the goal posts keep moving which effects personal and professional outcomes… stopping one crime lets a serial killer go free and starts a cascade of different crimes.

On a personal level, their new found knowledge puts strain on relationships… like when Raimy discovers that her dad’s old partner on the force betrayed him. This is someone she has always respected and he’s been like a second father to her.  

This show is a great combination of crime action and personal drama. I love crime shows and there is plenty of suspense. But the drama is really poignant because no matter how they change the past, Frank is never in Raimy’s present, so every victory is bittersweet.


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