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Creative ways to reach your first million

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Apr 23, 2013
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We all ask ourselves, how can we make an extra dollar or two and save enough money to become a millionaire.  Well there are ways, but you must be willing to do some work, sacrifice to earn that extra cash so you’re on your way to joining the millionaire club.

Below are some quick tips on how to make some extra money and even improve your savings balance.

Tip 1:

Ebay and Gumtree:  Most of us know how these website work, so the best way to make an extra dollar is to go through your unwanted possessions and see if you can sell them off.  If you haven’t used something for a very long time and you have no intention of using it again, why not make some space and earn something.

Tip 2:

Babysit for your family and friends.  We all know how expensive it is to mind children.  With the majority of child care centres closed after hours, why not make the most of your time at home by making some extra cash. 

Tip 3:

Market Research: Many companies use the service of a market research company to gather intelligence about their brand or future produce launch.  When you attend these events, you are usually fed and for the time of 2 hours can receive on average about $50.  You can also do online survey and get paid for your opinion.

Tip 4:

Save: Yes, we all know how hard it is to save some money with rising costs, but the best way to ensure we save our money is to have a budget.  Split your expenses between wants and needs and make some tough decisions.  Things like going out to dinner every week can save the family thousands of dollars.

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